The Gift of Care for Older Parents




Help your parents get more out of life with NAC’s Digital Community Visitors Service.

Volunteer skyping with a client

NAC Team member skyping with a client

DCVS is a gift that reduces isolation and loneliness caused by lack of personal contact.

And it is free to all eligible recipients of an Aged Care Package.

A DCVS Gift starts with NAC providing a simple tablet with internet connection, easy-to-use touch functions, personal instruction, and assistance to remove the confusion of new-age technology that often deters older people.

NAC’s DCVS Team understands those concerns and how to overcome them.  More importantly, we understand the value that personal contact adds to life.

The Digital Community Visitors’ Scheme is a complete service provided by NAC for older people living in specific regions around Australia who receive packaged home care.

It places our easy-to-use tablet, set up, ready to go, with internet access, a generous data allowance, simple functions, and our personal instruction, in your parents’ hands.

Easy to use interface

Easy to use interface

Our service can overcome the isolation of time and distance to create personal visits to monitor health, welfare and safety, and make that regular contact, when time does not permit members of the family.

Regular contact from a familiar face has tremendous health and well-being benefits.

The DCVS reaches people, who are socially isolated, in a safe and secure manner. It helps to keep them living independently in the community.  It is amazing to see the change in participants from when they first start the programme. They are more animated, happier, and eager to engage in life.

The service comes complete with ongoing support from the experienced and caring NAC DCVS Team.

The Digital Community Visitors’ Scheme can increase regular family contact.  All members of the family can visit at any time through the DCVS device.  NAC will make sure your parents know what to do to receive calls and make contacts themselves.  With this service, loved ones can share in the delight of family activities, even when they are half a continent away.

Imagine their joy of seeing, first-hand, the faces of grandchildren as they blow out the birthday candles or participate at sporting events.

To find more about NAC’s Digital Community Visitors’ Service contact;

DCVS Co-ordinator, Lynda Wells at the Nundah Activity Centre – (07) 3266 4500 or


   NAC’s DCVS Works!!

    As shown in testimonials sent to DCVS Co-ordinator Lynda Wells by several Care Service Providers and our own participants.

“It [the DCVS service] helps when I am in pain ‘cause I can chat through it, rather than lying down until it passes”, said Julie, a participant who lives with a chronic illness.

“I feel much happier after I talk with Liz [DCVS Team member]” said DCVS participant, Terry.

Today was the first session of the Migrant Resource Centre (Southern Tasmania) Inc. and Nundah Activity Centre’s joint Digital Project for Home Care Package clients. Two clients received their snazzy tablets and within a very short time were skyping with a NAC volunteers about their interests, their history and of course the weather.  Sweltering volunteers in Qld were somewhat envious of the 23 degree summer day.

Cyril in Tasmania takes his tablet to the nursing home where his wife now is in care and together they skype their family all over the country.  He has told me that it brings so much joy to him and his wife and family by creating new and happy memories of his wife for the family as she is in late stages of living with dementia.  He stated “each senior citizen should be able to have this program.” said Cyril in Tasmania.

“I am really enjoying the tablet and getting skyped.” stated Margaret.  She now regularly skypes her family in Brisbane to keep up, talks to her son-in-law in hospital and skypes her grandson in Perth.

Fred in Perth skyped to NAC one afternoon while in respite and feeling a bit lonely.  Now at home, Fred says,“It gives me more than my wife to chat with.”   Fred has also connected his W.A. Men’s Shed with Nundah Men’s shed.

“I find that chatting through my pain has helped, rather than laying down until it passes.” said Edith in Darwin.

From Migrant  Resource Centre in Tasmania;

Irmstraud (Noni) is 83 years old, she has written by hand her autobiography of a most fascinating life.  She grew up in Indonesia before WWII,  experienced internment camps in Indonesia, and, before the Japanese invasion, moved with her German family to China.

Watching Noni’s face light up, when she could see her volunteer’s face and begin a conversation, was confirmation that this project will break down the isolation that so many of our clients experience.  Over and over again, Noni exclaimed that she was so amazed that, in her life time, this is what she was doing.  Her son-in-law will help her maintain contact with the NAC Team and her school friend from China who now lives in America.

Katarina took to the technology like a duck to water.   Her son had set up an iPhone for her and said he thought DCVS was the best project for older people he had ever seen.  He says that he would like to write an article down the track about the benefits this project will have.

We have three other clients registered.  Our only male, Ben, a 91 year old, was unable to hear due to surgery, and is now very excited.

We have eight more tablets to allocate and, by the end of February, everyone will be on board.

A number of our clients who have signed up, and their plans to connect them to the NAC German Group is something to look forward to in 2016.

Having something to look forward to is a great happiness creator.

I look forward to having many more stories as we have 11 clients skyping to NAC in Queensland and elsewhere across the country and the world.

Thank you so much the place is buzzing now.

Kind regards

Fiona Strahan

Migrant Resource Centre

   And we are receiving more every day…